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“I have incorporated the public speaking techniques Barbara taught me and discovered the most amazing feeling—COMFORT combined with ENERGY while speaking.”  

Patty Breton, Breton Consulting Services


Public Speaking Isn't Just About Big Stages, Lecterns and Microphones—You've Got To Be Relatable to any Audience, Both In-person and Online!  

Hi, I'm Barbara May. I'm a leadership communication expert, team building facilitator and award-winning coach.

As your public speaking and presentation skills coach in Alberta, my purpose is to create a safe learning environment where you can get past your public speaking stumbling blocks and become an engaging presenter.

My method involves teaching a variety of strategies, tools and techniques, which you can use outside of the public speaking and presentation skills training to strengthen communication, teamwork and leadership—the building blocks you need to succeed.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coaching in Alberta


Here's what you'll learn:

  • Managing fear and nervousness: Relaxation and breathing techniques that keep you relaxed and in control throughout your presentation.

  • Tips and techniques to help you think on your feet in meetings, interviews and impromptu presentations.

  • How to handle difficult questions and unexpected queries even if you don’t have the answers.

  • Proven techniques to help you become a more animated and engaging storyteller.

  • The best ways to use stories, case studies and other anecdotal information to motivate and inspire your audience.

  • How to facilitate group discussions to build trust, get buy-in and guide your audience to higher levels of performance and productivity.

  • High-impact teaching techniques for stronger communication, teamwork and leadership.

  • How to represent your organization at important functions, industry events and public meetings.

"Watching my brother go 
from bumbling and fumbling to a clear, concise, structured presentation made it clear how effective Barbara May's teachings are. It was a true transformation."

Mike Kuby, Playworks

Q. What makes Barbara May the best public speaking coach in Alberta? 


A. Barbara May has extensive experience and first-hand information to share about turning public speaking stumbling blocks into building blocks for success.


She has interviewed business owners on Learning & Job News, hosted Access Television's May We Talk? and facilitated more than 500 career and employment workshops.

In fact, when she first started interviewing business owners on the Learning & Job News in 1996, Neil Wilkinson (1993-94 Toastmasters International President) was the first person she interviewed.

She has accomplished much, including acting in several television commercials and getting into the Guinness World Records by performing in the longest stand-up comedy show in history.

Barbara is an award-winning coach and has been helping people improve their public speaking and presentation skills throughout Alberta since 1995. 


“An interview with a camera in your face can be intimidating and make you self-conscious, which I definitely was at first, but that stopped after only a couple ground-breaking sessions with Barbara May.” 


Kathryn Kohut, 2nd Runner Up, Miss Universe Canada

After I launched a weekly 
feature on local television news many people gave me helpful advice. Barbara May's coaching was the best of all. Everyone noticed an immediate improvement. Barbara removed my TV stumbling blocks. 


Dave Lieber, Speaker and Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News

Dave Lieber.jpg
Sharon Lacey.jpg

“Barbara May is the person who helped me the most to improve my comedy delivery on stage. In this competitive field she could have let me flounder. Instead, she lifted me up.” 


Sharon Lacey, Comedian and Author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dementia

What's the first step?

Sign up for a free 20-minute discovery session and find out how Barbara May can help you get past your public speaking stumbling blocks and become an engaging presenter.

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