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Barbara May's 
Communication Excellence Toolbox

Equip yourself with practical strategies and techniques to lead small and large group discussions. Build trust, get buy-in and talk openly about challenges, obstacles and hurdles at work. 

Here's what you'll learn:


  • How to create an environment that encourages team members—even untalkative ones—-to fully participate in the exchange of ideas.

  • Active listening techniques to foster a collaborative and supportive group environment.

  • Effective questioning techniques to stimulate meaningful dialogue, encourage critical thinking, and clarify misunderstandings.

  • The art of storytelling to communicate complex ideas, engage the audience, and promote understanding.

  • The role of verbal and non-verbal communication in maintaining control over group discussions and dealing with disruptive behaviour. 

Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

Lead Discussions Effectively with Leadership Communication Expert Barbara May

Equip your leadership team with the skills to foster open, impactful conversations with the Communication Excellence Toolbox course. Designed and led by award-winning coach and leadership communication expert Barbara May.

Why Barbara May?

Barbara May has transformed stumbling blocks into building blocks throughout her varied and successful career. With over 30 years of diverse professional experience, including managing 3 programs and 30 employees at the Military Family Resource Centre and growing the Horizon Gymnastics Club from 140-400 members, she brings real-world insights to her programs.

As a former national-level gymnast, award-winning coach, and recipient of the 3M Coach Recognition Award for "Outstanding Contribution to the Sports Community", Barbara uses her expertise to guide your leadership team to more effective communication and stronger teamwork.

The Communication Excellence Toolbox Course

Take command of your group discussions with the Communication Excellence Toolbox. In this course, your team will learn to:

  1. Encourage Active Participation: Create an environment that motivates all team members-even the quiet ones-to contribute to the exchange of ideas.

  2. Master Active Listening: Use active listening techniques to foster a collaborative and supportive group environment. 

  3. Ask Meaningful Questions: Employ effective questioning techniques to spark insightful dialogue, encourage critical thinking, and clarify misunderstandings.

  4. Tell Engaging Stories: Use storytelling to communicate complex ideas, engage your team, and foster understanding.

  5. Maintain Control Over Discussions: Understand the role of verbal and non-verbal communication in maintaining control over group discussions and managing disruptive behaviour.

Drawing on her 15 years of experience teaching the National Coaching Certification Program's "How to Coach" course, Barbara May's seminars are rooted in the "Stumbling Blocks' philosophy, providing practical strategies and techniques for your team to tackle any challenge and turn it into an opportunity for growth.

Who Should Hire Barbara?

Business owners, team leads, meeting planners, and human resources managers aiming to facilitate better communication and productive discussions within their teams will find immense value in Barbara May's uniquely practical approach.


“I want to thank you again for the great day! Our team continued conversations around points discussed throughout the evening. I even heard, 'Now, that’s a stumbling block.'”

Carrie Scammell, Team Lead, Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.


Invest in the power of the Communication Excellence Toolbox for your team. Barbara May, with her vibrant energy and unrivalled expertise, will guide your leadership team in turning communication challenges into opportunities. With Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars, each challenge becomes a building block for your team's success.

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The Communication Excellence Toolbox is ONE small step in Barbara May's Engaging Leader Breakthrough program.
If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your communication and leadership goals, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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