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Barbara May's 
Emotional Intelligence Activat
Enhance your ability to manage emotions during difficult situations, build healthy relationships, and foster a supportive team environment where people feel understood, accepted and valued.

Here's what you'll learn:


  • Dealing with pressure and stress—how to stay calm and in control, even in the face of chaos.

  • Tips for understanding and communicating effectively with people who are stressed out, upset or angry.

  • Becoming an Exceptional Listener: Paying attention to what people say to understand and appreciate their point of view.​

  • Setting boundaries: How to say "no" without creating hard feelings or feeling guilty.

  • The keys to building trust between team members and team leaders under pressure, crisis and change.

Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

Emotional Intelligence Activator: Building Healthy Relationships & Fostering Supportive Teams with Leadership Communication Expert, Barbara May

Unlock the power of emotional intelligence in your leadership team with our Emotional Intelligence Activator seminar, skillfully designed and led by award-winning coach and leadership communication expert, Barbara May.

Barbara May: Your Guide to Emotional Intelligence Mastery

With Barbara May's impressive career spanning over three decades across diverse sectors, she brings to the table a rich tapestry of insights drawn from her unique experiences. Her remarkable career highlights, such as growing the Horizon Gymnastics Club from 140-400 members, managing 30 employees and three programs at the Military Family Resource Centre, and working on the front lines as a Career & Employment Consultant, lend a unique dynamism to her seminars. She inspires participants with her real-life experiences of turning stumbling blocks into building blocks.

The Emotional Intelligence Activator Seminar

Elevate your team's interpersonal effectiveness and emotional resilience with the Emotional Intelligence Activator training. Here's what your leaders will learn:

  1. Managing Pressure and Stress: Equip your team with strategies to stay calm and in control, even in the face of chaos.

  2. Effective Communication Under Stress: Learn to understand and communicate effectively with people who are stressed out, upset, or angry.

  3. Becoming an Exceptional Listener: Develop the skills of active listening to better understand and appreciate others' points of view.

  4. Setting Boundaries: Master the art of saying "no" without creating hard feelings or feeling guilty.

  5. Building Trust: Discover keys to building trust between team members and leaders under pressure, crisis, and change.

Barbara May's seminars, built around the "Stumbling Blocks" philosophy, help participants see their hurdles as challenges that can be transformed into opportunities for growth.

Who Should Hire Barbara?

If you are a CEO, sales manager, or training and development coordinator seeking to foster a supportive team environment, where people feel understood, accepted, and valued, Barbara May's Emotional Intelligence Activator course is a fantastic resource.


“Barbara is a true leader. Always inspiring and leading by example. I witnessed a total change in work atmosphere from toxic to engaging, rewarding and supportive. I never knew things could be this good.”

Jaskaran Klair


Make an investment in your team's emotional intelligence. With Barbara May's engaging and insightful guidance, navigate the emotional landscape of your workplace more effectively. Turn to Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars for your journey from stumbling blocks to building blocks.

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The Emotional Intelligence Activator is ONE small step in Barbara May's Engaging Leader Breakthrough program.

If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your communication and leadership goals, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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