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Updated: May 23, 2019

Saying Goodbye to Racquetball

Barbara May and Kris Odegard teaching the Racquetball Practice Program at the 2012 Alberta Provincial Training Camp

Hey Everyone,

You’ve probably heard by now that I’m leaving racquetball.

After 8 1/2 years as Executive Director of the Alberta Racquetball Association, I've decided it's time for me to focus on building my own business, Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars.

Barbara May founder and CEO of Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

I’m very proud of my accomplishments with racquetball.

The Racquetball Practice Program that I developed with Canadian National Champion, Kris Odegard, has over 500,000 views on youtube.

Coby Iwaasa won 4 Canadian National Championships and a bronze medal at the Pan American Games.

Coby Iwaasa and Barbara May at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto

Jack McBride won the Triple Crown and I helped him get amazing coverage in the news media and become President of Racquetball Canada.

I'm also vey proud of the racquetball clinics I delivered across the province with Kris Odegard and Cliff Swain.

Kris Odegard, host of the Racquetball Practice Program, teaching Caylen Yaretz at the 2012 Alberta Provincial Racquetball Training Camp

And the incredible events we hosted including the IRT Selection Event in Edmonton, the Jr. Nationals in Grande Prairie and the Racquetball Canada Selection Event.

As well as the amazing photos I helped Kelly Mulnar capture at our training camps in 2008, 2012 and provincials in 2016.

Coby Iwaasa and Devin Halko at the 2008 Alberta Provincial Racquetball Training Camp

Alberta Racquetball has a great future with rising stars like Alexis Iwaasa, Devin Halko, Caylen Yaretz and Nyah Yaretz.

Jr. Canadian National Champion, Alexis Iwaasa, at the 2016 Alberta Provincial Racquetball Championships

And wonderful coaches like Milton Iwaasa, John Halko, Glen Yaretz, Mitch Brayley, and Chad Elliot.

I hope and trust that the legacy will continue.

I’d like to thank Kris Odegard, Cliff Swain, Milton Iwassa, John Halko, Reg Atkins, Racquetball Canada, the Alberta Sport Connection and all the amazing racquetball players, board members and coaches who love racquetball and helped me grow the sport.

And a special mention to Marc Caouette and Jon Semeniuk who were there in the beginning.

I wish you all the best.

Barbara May

Barbara May at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto

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