Bill Borgwardt shares his secrets for capturing today's top country music artists on stage

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Stumbling Blocks with Host Barbara May

Bill Borgwardt combines his love of photography and passion for country music to capture today's top artist on stage. And he explains why today's lighting technology can be a stumbling block to getting great shots.


Check out the written transcript of Barbara's interview with Bill here:

Stumbling Blocks S1 E2 Bill Borgwardt


[Bill] - The security guy standing there saying, "Well you can't go in."

And the guy on the stage, "Hey Bill, how you doing?"



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Stumbling Blocks

With Host Barbara May

Special Guest Bill Borgwardt

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[Barbara] - Bill is an award-winning photographer. He's a huge country fan and meets some of the best and top artists in Canada.

Bill, welcome to the show.

[Bill] - Thank you for having me.

[Barbara] - So I'm curious how did you end up using your skills in photography to meet all these amazing country stars?

[Bill] - Well the Canadian Country Music Awards were in Edmonton and I believe it was 1999 and I was just a volunteer there, I wasn't taking pictures, and the reporter at the time for Country Music News out of Edmonton he didn't have anybody to take pictures. And so he more or less conscripted me to do it.

And in the next month, "Well can you take pictures at this event and that event?"