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“Barbara's keynote gave attendees the chance to interact with one another and develop their problem-solving skills. She has a great story and kept the crowd motivated and enthused for the entire hour!” 

Brenda Kolasa, CEO, Success 4 Business Expo


Fun, Informative & Highly Interactive Motivational Keynote Speaker for Your Meeting, Conference or Special Event in Edmonton & Throughout Alberta

Barbara May has spent a life-time knowing how to get up after a fall. But she figures doing that and getting a laugh at the same time is a lot more fun.


She is a former national level gymnast, award-winning coach, aspiring drummer and mother of two who joked her way into the Guinness World Records by performing in the longest stand-up comedy show in history at the Comedy Factory in Edmonton, Alberta.

In her keynotes and motivational speeches in Edmonton and throughout Alberta, Barbara shares and teaches the Stumbling Blocks Philosophy—the belief that you can get past your stumbling blocks—to help people understand and embrace her key message: If you get back up anything is possible.

Book Barbara to deliver a motivational keynote at your next event in Edmonton or at your location in Alberta and she'll help you see your stumbling blocks in a fresh and powerful way.

Motivational Keynote Speaker in Edmonton and throughout Alberta

From Barriers to Breakthroughs: An Engaging Leader's Guide to Communication Excellence

Today's workplace is a unique blend of cultures, personalities, and viewpoints. How can leaders effectively communicate with such a diverse team? In this session, Barbara May delves into Engaging Communication, an essential skill for leaders who aim to excel in today's fast-paced world. Learn techniques to quickly identify and adjust your communication style to suit various situations and people while maintaining your own authentic style. Discover how to minimize misunderstandings and maximize team cohesion, empowering you to be an engaging leader.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker in Edmonton and throughout Alberta

Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles & Hurdles at Work

When people run into challenges, obstacles and hurdles at work they often feel they can’t move forward, or they get defensive and dig their heels in. Teamwork gives way to individual complaints. People shift from enjoying work to resenting it. Side issues take the stage and work can grind to a halt. But stumbling blocks can be overcome and Barbara May can show you how. In this interactive keynote, Barbara helps you discover new ways of solving problems in the workplace such as dealing and communicating with co-workers and bouncing back from mistakes with confidence.

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“Barbara provided our group a personalized, dynamic and intriguing presentation! She was funny and thoughtful! Such a rare package for a presenter and a fabulous end to our Retreat!”

Joelle Brown, Executive Director, St. Albert Victim Services

Q. What makes Barbara May one of the best motivational keynote speakers in Edmonton and throughout Alberta? 


A. With more than three decades of work experience behind her in fields as diverse as sport and recreation, education, not-for-profit management, entertainment and government,

Barbara brings a uniquely powerful mix of personal stories, humorous examples, and real-world insight to her programs and clients.


Barbara's keynotes and motivational sessions are a great way to kick off an event in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. They are fun, informative and highly interactive.


Book Barbara to speak at your next event and she'll help you get past these common stumbling blocks:

  • Communication breakdowns between co-workers.

  • Coping with and eventually reducing stress.

  • Personality conflicts between team members.

  • Lack of team spirit or morale.

  • Dealing with and accepting change.

  • Butting heads with managers and team leaders.

  • Boring meetings and presentations.


“What a hoot! And yet I came away learning something—not just laughing!”

Participant, Administrative Support Conference

What's the first step?

Contact Barbara May. Discuss your team's biggest stumbling block(s) with her. Then bring her in to work with your team. She'll help you work together, steadily improve your performance, be motivated, stay with the company and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past your stumbling blocks.  

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Motivational Keynote Speaker
If you want to transform challenges into building blocks and make every obstacle an opportunity for growth and success, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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