“Sometimes we get stuck in the things that trip us up, our stumbling blocks, and this was a great opportunity to hear that somebody else has experienced those issues too.” 

Shawna Miller, President, Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce

Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Building Blocks For Success!

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Hi, I'm Barbara May!

As your team building facilitator, my purpose is to create a safe learning environment where you and your team can discover new ways of solving problems in the workplace such as dealing and communicating with co-workers and bouncing back from mistakes with confidence.

I'm a Leadership Communication Expert, Team Building Facilitator & Award Winning Coach!

Every Team Has Stumbling Blocks...


I can help your team get past these common stumbling blocks:

  • Communication breakdowns between co-workers.

  • Coping with and eventually reducing stress.

  • Personality conflicts between team members.

  • Lack of team spirit or morale.

  • Dealing with and accepting change.

  • Butting heads with managers and team leaders.

  • Boring meetings and presentations.

I teach strategies, tools and techniques to help you build a stronger, more resilient team.

Team Building Seminars

Fun, informative and highly interactive team building seminars for everyone from senior managers to emerging leaders and new recruits. 

Team Building Academy

Whether you're just getting started, or have been leading a team for years, the Stumbling Blocks Team Building Academy will give you the communication and leadership skills you need to succeed. 

“Barbara presented to our department at a time of significant change. Her sessions helped get conversations started about the impacts of change in a way that was fun, engaging and accessible to all who attended.” 

John Younk, Director, Strategic Planning Ancillary Services, University of Alberta


“Barbara provided our group a personalized, dynamic and intriguing presentation! She was funny and thoughtful! Such a rare package for a presenter and a fabulous end to our Retreat!”

Joelle Brown, Executive Director, St. Albert Victim Services


“Right from the start, Barbara engaged our group at a level that challenged us. Discussion was aimed at how to apply our insights to our own situations. The day moved quickly, and no one was zoning out. A great experience all around.”  

Bobbi Junior, Communications Coordinator, Family Solutions Group

“Barbara's keynote gave attendees the chance to interact with one another and develop their problem solving skills. She has a great story, and kept the crowd motivated and enthused for the entire hour.” 

Brenda Kolasa, CEO, Success 4 Business Expo


What's the first step?

Contact Barbara May. Discuss your team's biggest stumbling block(s) with her. Then bring her in to work with your team. She'll help you work together, steadily improve your performance, be motivated, stay with the company, and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past your stumbling blocks.