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Lead to Succeed is a unique training and coaching program that helps managers, supervisors and business owners gain 100% confidence in their ability to lead their team to higher levels of performance and productivity in 9 weeks without drama or backlash.

Lead to Succeed Roadmap_w20230104.png
Lead to Succeed Roadmap_w20230104.png

The Lead to Succeed Roadmap is a simple-to-follow system that works for virtually any business or team.

Unlike most courses, training and coaching programs that only add a single piece of the puzzle—oftentimes leaving you more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than when you started—the Lead to Succeed Roadmap is the puzzle itself.

All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order. And we'll be right alongside you every step of the way!

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Stage 1

1. Effective Leader DNA

A team can only be as successful as its leader. Learn how to develop your unique leadership style and use it to your advantage to become a more effective and influential leader.


2. Emotional Intelligence Activator

Learn how to stay calm and in control—even in the face of chaos—and use emotional intelligence to interact effectively with stressed-out, upset and disgruntled team members.


3. Crucial Conversations Starter Kit

Discover simple and effective ways to facilitate one-to-one and small group discussions to build trust, get buy-in and talk openly about challenges, obstacles and hurdles at work.

Stage 2

4. Inclusive Communication Toolbox

Practical tools, strategies and techniques to help you create an inclusive work environment where people feel understood, accepted for who they are and valued as part of the team.


5. Leadership Presence Blueprint

Master the skills you need to communicate with confidence and authority from the break room to the boardroom and positively influence your team's spirit and morale.


6. Public Speaking Breakthrough

Get past your public speaking stumbling blocks and become an engaging presenter so you can motivate and inspire your team to higher levels of performance and productivity. 

Stage 3

7. Team Building Success Strategies

Proven ways to help your team work together, steadily improve their performance, be motivated, stay with the company and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past their stumbling blocks.


8. Coaching for Excellence Playbook

Easy-to-apply coaching techniques to help you get to the root cause of poor performance, deal effectively with underachievers and develop the full potential of the people you lead.


9. Big Picture Game Plan

How to develop strategic, well-articulated action plans that inspire, motivate and support your team in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

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