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Leadership Effectiveness Program

The Leadership Effectiveness Program is a unique leadership training and coaching program that helps business leaders, managers and supervisors communicate and interact more effectively without anxiety, stress, or overwhelm so they can engage and inspire their team to higher levels of performance.

Phase 1

Leadership Fundamentals

1. Leadership Style Finder

Establish your personal leadership style and create a healthy work environment where people feel understood, accepted for who they are and valued as part of the team.

2. Responding to Resistance Roadmap

Learn how to deal with people, problems and situations honestly to improve productivity, teamwork and employee morale.

3. The Confident Communicator Tool Kit

Simple and effective techniques to communicate, collaborate and connect with a diverse group of individuals and give your team the leadership, motivation and guidance it needs to succeed.

Phase 2

Leadership Presentation

4. Professional Presentation & Impact Accelerator

Master the skills you need to make team meetings, projects, presentations, discussions and collaboration that much easier and increase the impact you have as a leader.

5. Public Speaking Secrets

Get past your public speaking stumbling blocks and become an engaging presenter.

6. Networking & Media Presence Breakthrough

A team can only be as successful as its leader. Gain winning strategies to help you network successfully and enhance your media presence.

Phase 3

Leadership Excellence

7. Team Building Success Blueprint

Simple and effective team-building strategies to engage and inspire your team to higher levels of performance.

8. Coaching for

Excellence Playbook

Easy-to-apply coaching techniques to help you develop the full potential of the people you lead.

9. The Wider Lens of Leadership Game Changer

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate big-picture thinking and become a more effective and influential leader.

If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your communication and leadership goals then *Click Here* to book a free Leadership Effectiveness Program strategy call.

Stephen Khan

Management Information Group

"Barbara May possesses a passionate coaching style combined with years of real-life experience. Thoughtful and appealing, her presentations are always packed with powerful information wrapped in a fun and interactive style of engagement."

Kerri Jarrett

"Barbara's program was very eye opening for me. She gave me a new perspective, especially being a solo'preneur'. Now I have a new way to communicate with my contractors, my audiences, my peers... my teams."

Patty Breton

Breton Consulting

“I have incorporated the public speaking techniques Barbara taught me and discovered the most amazing feeling - COMFORT combined with ENERGY while speaking.”  

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