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“Barbara's keynote gave attendees the chance to interact with one another and develop their problem-solving skills. She has a great story and kept the crowd motivated and enthused for the entire hour!” 

Brenda Kolasa, CEO, Success 4 Business Expo

Discover New Ways of Solving Problems in the Workplace

Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Hurdles at Work

When people run into stumbling blocks at work, they often feel they can’t move forward. Or they get defensive and dig their heels in. Teamwork gives way to individual complaints. People shift from enjoying work to resenting it. Side issues take the stage, and work can grind to a halt. But stumbling blocks can be overcome, and Barbara May can show you how. In this interactive keynote, Barbara helps you discover new ways of solving problems in the workplace, such as dealing and communicating with co-workers and bouncing back from mistakes with confidence.

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“Thank you for overcoming all those stumbling blocks years ago so you could be here today to educate, engage & inspire us!”

Megan Maltman - HR Manager, Primary Care Network

Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

Turn Obstacles into Opportunities with Barbara May 

Unlock the secrets to overcoming obstacles in the workplace with Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming ChallengesObstacles and Hurdles at Work, meticulously crafted and delivered by Barbara May, a renowned leadership communication expert and award-winning coach.

Why Barbara May?

Known for her "Stumbling Blocks" philosophy and a multifaceted career spanning over three decades across diverse fields, Barbara May uses a rich blend of personal stories, humorous examples, and real-world insight to elevate your team. She embodies her key message: If you get back up, anything is possible.

Her distinctive background, including joking her way into the Guinness World Records and hosting ACCESS Television's May We Talk, adds an engaging, dynamic layer to her presentations. She delivers interactive learning experiences that inform and empower people to communicate effectively, bounce back with confidence, and turn obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Hurdles at Work

In this interactive and engaging keynote, participants will learn how to navigate and overcome the everyday challenges, obstacles, and hurdles they encounter at work.


When stumbling blocks arise, teams can crumble, and the joy of work can swiftly turn into resentment. Barbara equips her audience with practical and actionable strategies, turning these stumbling blocks into building blocks for professional growth and enhanced team dynamics.

Participants will delve deep into practical learnings and acquire strategies to:

  1. Deal Effectively with Stress: Learn to maintain composure in high-pressure situations and make balanced decisions.

  2. Adopt a Problem-Solving Mindset: Shift perspective to see challenges as opportunities for innovation and improvement.

  3. Enhance Communication Skills: Develop the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

  4. Develop Resilience: Cultivate the strength to bounce back from setbacks with renewed vigour and confidence.

  5. Promote Accountability: Encourage a sense of responsibility and commitment among team members, enhancing overall productivity and morale.

Interactive and Engaging

Barbara’s keynotes are more than just talks; they are interactive experiences rich with engaging discussions, real-world examples, and audience participation. Barbara’s approachable and relatable style, coupled with her Stumbling Blocks philosophy, ensures that participants don’t just listen but actively engage, relate, and apply the learnings in their professional journey.


Who Should Hire Barbara?

Team Leaders, meeting planners, and conference organizers eager to transform workplace challenges into opportunities for growth and development and instill a culture of resilience and accountability will greatly benefit from Barbara May's insightful keynote.


“Barbara provided our group a personalized, dynamic and intriguing presentation! She was funny and thoughtful! Such a rare package for a presenter and a fabulous end to our Retreat!”

Joelle Brown, Executive Director, St. Albert Victim Services

Book Barbara For a Transformative Experience


Bring Barbara May to your event and let her show your team how to turn their stumbling blocks into building blocks. With her profound insights, interactive approach, and practical solutions, Barbara helps individuals and teams see beyond their challenges and empowers them to approach their professional lives with renewed perspective and resilience.

Don’t let stumbling blocks hinder your team’s potential.


Transform challenges into building blocks with Barbara May and make every obstacle an opportunity for growth and success!

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Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles, and Hurdles at Work
If you want to transform challenges into building blocks and make every obstacle an opportunity for growth and success, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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