“Barbara's keynote gave attendees the chance to interact with one another and develop their problem solving skills. She has a great story, and kept the crowd motivated and enthused for the entire hour.”

Brenda Kolasa, CEO, Success 4 Business Expo

Barbara's Most Popular Keynotes & Seminars

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Stumbling Blocks: Overcoming Life's Hard Knocks

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone stumbles and falls. The question is, do you know how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving again? By talking openly about her struggles and triumphs, Barbara May shows you how to get past your stumbling blocks and be happy, motivated and productive. Hearing Barbara will open your mind to new possibilities as she takes you on an unforgettable journey from falling off the balance beam to surviving life-threatening pulmonary emboli.


Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course In Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Hurdles at Work

When people run into stumbling blocks at work they often feel they can’t move forward, or they get defensive and dig their heels in. Teamwork gives way to individual complaints. People shift from enjoying work to resenting it. Side issues take the stage and work can grind to a halt. But stumbling blocks can be overcome and Barbara May can show you how. In this interactive team building seminar, Barbara shows you how to turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success.

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Stumbling Blocks: Creating A Culture That Cares 

Great patient care stems from a team of healthcare professionals that are passionate about their work. But having a team that works together seamlessly is a challenging goal to accomplish. Issues with communication, the ability to handle difficult situations, and the motivation to truly engage, are stumbling blocks that every team faces. Using her past experience as a patient as well as her years of experience as a front line worker, Barbara May will help you get past your stumbling blocks and create a culture that cares. 


“Barbara was friendly, 
engaging, and took the time to speak with attendees as well as the news media. She was a joy to work with and we were thrilled that she was part of our event!”

Tom Pura, Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce


“Barbara is a very positive and 
inspiring facilitator. She was able to pull out the strengths and talents of participants to help them see what they have to offer. I think she did a wonderful job.” 

Suzanna Martin - Norquest College

“Barbara is quickly able to read her audience and deliver a customized session that engages everyone where they’re at. She easily connected with our very diverse group of students, captivating them with her own personal stories while tying everything back to their success.” 

Aubri Trithardt - Team Leader, CORE Skills Program, Catholic Social Services

Helping Organizations Build Stronger, More Resilient Teams


“Barbara was excellent at detecting the key stumbling blocks for each person's situation. Wonderful observation skills and very entertaining!" 

Carol Brandly, Seminar Particpant

What the first step?

Contact Barbara May. Discuss your team's biggest stumbling block(s) with her. Then bring her in to work with your team. She'll help you work together, steadily improve your performance, be motivated, stay with the company, and grow as leaders. And, most importantly, get past your stumbling blocks.