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Barbara May's 
ngaging Leadership: From Everyday Exchanges to Transformative Talks

In a world buzzing with distractions, true engagement is the key to leadership success. Unlock the power of effective communication in diverse workplace settings. From casual breakroom exchanges to strategic boardroom dialogues, Barbara May equips you with the tools to express yourself confidently, engage your listeners deeply, and foster genuine connections.

Here's what you'll learn:


  • Master the art of conversation, adapt your communication style, and engage effectively with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Become an Exceptional Listener: Pay attention to what people say to understand and appreciate their point of view.​

  • How to create an environment that encourages team members—even untalkative ones—-to fully participate in the exchange of ideas.

  • The art of storytelling to communicate complex ideas, engage the audience, and promote understanding.

  • Tips for understanding and communicating effectively with people who are stressed out, upset or angry.

Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Leadership Communication Expert, Barbara May

Elevate your organization's leadership capabilities with Engaging Leadership: From Everyday Exchanges to Transformative Talks, a motivational keynote speech delivered by the award-winning coach and leadership communication expert, Barbara May.

Why Barbara May?

Barbara May has the unique ability to turn challenges into building blocks for transformative change. Drawing on more than three decades of diverse work experience, she masterfully blends personal anecdotes, humor, and insights to help leaders engage deeply and communicate effectively.

Her rich background, including stints as a national-level gymnast and an award-winning coach, adds an engaging, dynamic layer to her presentations. She delivers engaging learning experiences that not only inform but also inspire, empower, and transform.

Engaging Leadership: From Everyday Exchanges to Transformative Talks

In this motivational keynote, Barbara will guide you to unlock the power of effective communication in diverse workplace settings. From casual breakroom chats to high-stakes boardroom dialogues, you'll learn to:

  1. Master the Art of Conversation: Adapt your communication style to engage effectively with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Become an Exceptional Listener: Pay keen attention to what others are saying to truly understand and appreciate their perspectives. 

  3. Foster Full Participation: Create an environment that encourages all team members, even the untalkative ones, to fully participate in the exchange of ideas.

  4. Embrace the Art of Storytelling: Use storytelling to communicate complex ideas, engage your audience, and promote understanding.

  5. Handle High-Stress Situations: Gain practical tips for understanding and effectively communicating with people who are stressed, upset, or angry.

Barbara's keynotes are underpinned by the 'Stumbling Blocks' philosophy — the belief that you can get past any hurdle and turn it into a building block for success. If you get back up, anything is possible.

Who Should Hire Barbara?

CEOs, conference planners, event organizers, and anyone looking to invigorate their organization's leadership capabilities will derive immense value from Barbara May's insights and approach to engaging leadership. 


"Barbara's program was very eye opening for me. She gave me a new perspective, especially being a solo'preneur'. Now I have a new way to communicate with my contractors, my audiences, my peers... my teams. Thank you for this insightful program!"

Kerri Jarrett, Owner, The Hair Coach


Invest in the power of Engaging Leadership for your organization. Barbara May, with her inspirational energy and unparalleled expertise, will help you transform everyday interactions into opportunities for deep engagement and genuine connection. With Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars, discover the building blocks that make extraordinary leadership possible.

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The Engaging Leadership keynote is ONE small step in Barbara May's Engaging Leader Breakthrough program.
If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your communication and leadership goals, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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