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Barbara May's 
The Engaging Leader's Playbook: Mastering Connection in an Era of Isolation

In today's fragmented world, genuine connection is the cornerstone of successful leadership. Barbara May, channelling her vast experiences and the Engaging Leader Breakthrough framework, emphasizes the significance of bridging gaps—both in communication and understanding. Learn to lead with empathy, forging bonds that inspire, motivate, and drive teams toward shared triumphs

Here's what you'll learn:


  • The importance of employee engagement and how to increase engagement within your team.

  • The keys to building trust between team members and team leaders under pressure, crisis and change.

  • Listening between the lines—identify the hidden agendas and false signals that lead to misunderstandings.

  • Spotting employee burnout before it's too late—and how to help.

  • Easy ways to celebrate your team's success and create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.


Stumbling Blocks Team Building Seminars

Forge Genuine Connections with Leadership Communication Expert, Barbara May

Elevate your leadership skills with The Engaging Leaders Playbook: Mastering Connection in an Era of Isolation, a compelling keynote speech delivered by award-winning coach and leadership communication expert, Barbara May.

Why Barbara May?

With a career spanning over three decades in diverse fields, Barbara's "Stumbling Blocks" philosophy stems from her own life story of overcoming adversity, making her and engaging an relatable speaker. Barbara's key message is simple yet profound. If you get back up, anything is possible.

The Engaging Leader Playbook: Mastering Connection in an Era of Isolation

In this motivational keynote, Barbara May explores how to foster authentic connections in an increasingly disconnected world. Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Enhancing Employee Engagement: Unlock the building blocks for fostering a truly engaged team.

  2. Trust in Challenging Times: Learn how to build and maintain trust when under pressure.

  3. Listening Between the Lines: Decode hidden agendas and potential misunderstandings before they disrupt team cohesion.

  4. Spotting Burnout Early: Understand the signs of burnout and how to address them proactively.

  5. A Culture of Improvement: Find easy ways to celebrate success while encouraging a culture of accountability.

Barbara's keynotes are underpinned by the 'Stumbling Blocks' philosophy — the belief that you can get past any obstacle and turn it into a building block for success. If you get back up, anything is possible.

Who Should Hire Barbara?

Business leaders, conference planners, and event organizers interested in deepening connections, improving team cohesion, and enhancing effective communication within their organization will find invaluable insights from Barbara May's motivational keynote. 


"Barbara's program was very eye opening for me. She gave me a new perspective, especially being a solo'preneur'. Now I have a new way to communicate with my contractors, my audiences, my peers... my teams. Thank you for this insightful program!"

Kerri Jarrett, Owner, The Hair Coach


Discover the transformative power of genuine connection with Barbara May. Her engaging keynote speech will provide you with the practical tools to turn everyday challenges into building blocks for success. Book now and help your leaders and their teams rise to new heights of connection and engagement.

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The Engaging Leader Playbook keynote is ONE small step in Barbara May's Engaging Leader Breakthrough program.
If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your communication and leadership goals, then book your free consultation with Barbara May.

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