Captivate customers, influence audiences and grow your business with leadership presentation coaching!


As your coach, my purpose is to create a safe environment where you can explore your limiting beliefs and turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success.


My method involves teaching a variety of strategies, tools and techniques, which you can use outside of the one-on-one coaching sessions, to help you become a more powerful, influential leader. 

Here are some of the areas we can work on during your coaching sessions:

Leadership Fundamentals Coaching...

  • Establishing Your Personal Leadership Style

    • ​A team can only be as successful as its leader. Learn how to establish your personal leadership style and gain new skills you can use to help your team succeed.

  • Responding Effectively to Resistance

    • ​Astute leaders spot problems brewing before they blow up. Learn how to deal effectively with resistance and improve productivity, performance and behavior.

  • Communication, Collaboration and Connection

    • ​Learn practical skills you can use to communicate, collaborate and connect with customers, team members and other leaders.

Leadership Presentation Coaching...

  • Professional Presentation and Impact

    • ​Master the skills you need to make team meetings, projects, presentations, discussions and collaboration that much easier and increase the impact you have as a leader.

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

    • ​Learn how to get past your public speaking stumbling blocks and become an engaging presenter.

  • Professional Networking & Media Relations

    • ​Gain winning strategies for building your network and dealing effectively with the news media.

Leadership Excellence Coaching...

  • The Wider Lens of Leadership

    • ​Gain the knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate big picture thinking and become a more effective and influential leader.

  • Initiative and Team Building

    • ​Learn what it takes to provide your team with the leadership, motivation and guidance it needs to succeed. 

  • Coaching for Excellence

    • ​Easy-to-apply coaching techniques that will help you develop the full potential of the people you lead.

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Ready to turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success?



2015 Kathryn Kohut - 2nd Runner Up, 2015

An interview with a camera in your face can be intimidating and make you feel self-conscious, which I definitely was at first. But that changed after a couple ground-breaking sessions with Barbara May. 

Kathryn Kohut, 2nd Runner Up, Miss Universe Canada 

After I launched a weekly feature on local television news many people gave me helpful advice. Barbara May's coaching was the best of all. Everyone noticed an immediate improvement. Barbara removed my TV stumbling blocks. 

Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News

Dave Lieber.jpg
Sharon Lacey.jpg

Barbara is the person who helped me the most to improve my comedy delivery on stage. In this competitive field she could have let me flounder. Instead, she lifted me up!

Sharon Lacey, Stand-up Comedian and Author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dementia

It's just as important to identify the stumbling blocks in a situation as it is the solution to them. Barbara May is excellent at both.

Kris Odegard, Canadian Racquetball Hall of Fame and Host of the Racquetball Practice Program


Ready to turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success?


  • Turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success!


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