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"Barbara was awesome! She captivated me through the content of her message, her energy, inflection and dynamic presence." 

Susan Munro, MEHco Inc.


Communication, Collaboration & Connection Courses and Coaching by Barbara May, Founder & CEO at Stumbling Blocks 

Barbara provides you with more than 30 years of expertise in her Communication, Collaboration & Connection training seminar.


She'll give you the tools, strategies and techniques she uses to help business leaders strengthen communication, collaboration and connection so you can give your team the leadership, motivation and guidance it needs to succeed.

Barbara offers her Communication, Collaboration & Connection course in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. 

Communication and Leadership Training and Coaching in Edmonton and throughout Alberta


Learn practical skills you can use to communicate, collaborate and connect with a diverse group of individuals and give your team the leadership, motivation and guidance it needs to succeed.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why it's important to communicate in a way that motivates and inspires your team to succeed.

  • How to use brainstorming as a tool for encouraging the free exchange of ideas and solutions.

  • Becoming an Exceptional Listener: Paying attention to what people say to understand and appreciate their point of view.​

  • Questioning Techniques: Asking the right questions to obtain useful information and help team members and team leaders gain insight.

  • How to create an environment that encourages team members—even untalkative ones—-to fully participate in discussions.

  • Proven tips for making sure your instructions are clear and understood by everyone on your team.

  • Strategies and techniques to encourage team members to collaborate, cooperate and turn to one another for help and inspiration.

  • How to use communication touch points to build a stronger, more resilient team.

Q. What makes Barbara's Communication, Collaboration & Connection course in Edmonton and throughout Alberta different?

A. Barbara's interactive approach to training and coaching provides participants with practical tools, strategies and techniques they can use in real work situations. No boring lectures here.

With more than three decades of work experience behind her in fields as diverse as sport and recreation, education, not-for-profit management, entertainment and government, Barbara brings a uniquely powerful mix of personal stories, humorous examples, and real-world insight to her programs and clients.

Book Barbara to speak at your next event and she'll...

  • Help you discover new ways of solving problems in the workplace such as dealing and communicating with co-workers and bouncing back from mistakes with confidence.


  • Show you how to create a healthy work environment where people feel understood, accepted for who they are and valued as part of the team. 

  • Give you strategies, tools and techniques you can use to strengthen communication, teamwork and leadership—the building blocks you need to succeed

Barbara has been helping business leaders in Edmonton and throughout Alberta improve their communication and leadership skills since 1995.


As your trainer and coach, Barbara's purpose is to create a safe learning environment where you can master the communication and leadership skills you need to succeed.

What's the first step?


Sign up for a free 20-minute discovery session and find out how Barbara May's Communication, Collaboration & Connection training and coaching can help you turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks for success.


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